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RealNova Inc - Proud member of  IBBA International Business Brokers Association. IBBA is the largest non-profit association specifically formed to meet the needs of people and firms engaged in various aspects of business brokerage, and mergers & acquisitions.

Welcome to RealNova Brokers & Associates the most innovative and best firm for realizing your dreams of business ownership. If you are interested in selling your current business you are in the right place.

Whether you are buying, selling or looking for funding assistance, you need experience. Our senior broker associates have personally owned their own successful businesses and as entrepreneurs understand the varied needs of our clients.

RealNova Brokers & Associates is a full service business intermediary and business advisory firm.  We focus on small and middle market information technology and real estate related business ranging from forty-thousand to fifty million in value.  We assist with the entire business process of buying or selling a business. Although brokering technology and real estate companies is our specialty, we can still assist you with the purchase or sell of any type of business.

Our management, legal, and accounting teams have an enormous amount of experience in the technology and real estate industry.

Our vision is to be the company of choice in business opportunities, technology, commercial real estate, and related financial services and to be known for our high integrity and innovative transactional approach in all aspects.  We would like to serve you 24/7.

RealNova Brokers & Associates is and always will be a client based firm.  As such, we endeavor to establish life time relationships with our clients.  No transaction or fee is more important to us than our client's well being.

Our goal is to assist our clients in the creation of wealth through ownership of real estate and/or business assets.  We aim to advise, appraise, evaluate and advance our client's needs and objectives with regard to selling, enhancing, acquiring or transferring business enterprises in a professional, confidential, expeditious and thorough manner.  We want to assist you with the entire process of buying, selling or enhancing your business.

Our staff, associates and team members reflect an attitude of services.  We are satisfied with only the highest quality of services delivered in a knowledgeable, courteous and professional manner.

We believe in the golden rule, treating others as we would like to be treated.  We are committed to helping you achieve your business objectives through trusted, knowledgeable advice and the appropriate business products for your unique needs and goals.

We affirm our beliefs and our mission with our daily conduct to the financial benefit of our clients, staff, associates, team members and stockholders.

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