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Rural & City Real Estate For Sale

We service the following North Louisiana Parishes:

Bienville, Bossier, Caddo, Caldwell, Claiborne, East Carroll, Franklin, Jackson, Lincoln, Madison, Morehouse, Ouachita, Red River, Richland, Tensas, Union, Webster, West Carroll & Winn​

Other Louisiana Cities we service are
New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Alexandria,  Lafayette & Lake Charles

USDA Rural Project
Rural Development

Escape the City... Rural Development is the new trend

Small town living is back in demand and the US government is making it easy to invest or transition back by offering a number of programs. These programs are being offered through USDA and other FEDERAL, STATE & LOCAL programs design to encourage rural development. Grants, business loans and tax incentives are being offered for infrastructure, business development and affordable housing. Let us help you with your next project.

Private Medical Office Building
Businesses for Sale
Commercial Buildings and Land For Sale & Lease

The National Commercial Real Estate market continues to be dynamic and volatile with rental rates changing almost daily and commercial property values slowly rebounding. Making intelligent decisions in this atmosphere requires a full body of historical and current information. The art of commercial real estate negotiation is based on facts. The more facts you have the better your chances for successful negotiations.

In commercial real estate, whether you are in a position to buy a property, negotiate a new lease or an office expansion, nothing is simple, even renewing your current lease. Your level of awareness will determine your ability to negotiate with maximum effectiveness. RealNova Real Estate Services will supply the information and the strategy you need to win in the commercial real estate industry.

Today's Real Estate Market Concerns:
We're not standing around talking and getting worried about what the so called, expert analysts are saying about the current real estate market. Instead we are getting more innovative in how we assist our clients and customers in marketing and purchasing real estate.

However, we do pay close attention to local market trends more so than national market trends. We realize that real estate is very local in nature.  What's happening in one segment of the market my not necessarily have the same negative or positive impact in your immediate market area of interest.  We make sure our brokers and associates are equipped with the tools and information necessary to successfully assist you in completing your real estate transaction.  All we ask is "Will you give RealNova a chance to show what it can do?"  Please call us today to get started.




Even at the initial contact between tenant broker and prospective client, our
dedication to fiduciary responsibility is more than evident. Our clients place
their confidence and trust in our character and capabilities.

Our professionals take on the role of Tenant Advocate with every client in every lease transaction. We pay particularly close attention to lease details that could provide options for growth, flexibility and savings.

No matter the size of the lease requirement, we can examine your existing conditions to arrive at recommendations
that may involve:


  • New Leases

  • Renewal

  • Sublease

  • Office Relocation

  • Acquisitions

  • Broker Price Opinion

As lease transactions become more complex and real estate markets become more dynamic and volatile, it becomes clear that tenant representation is more than lease negotiations.

When you’re looking for the right office space at the right price for your business, the various options of properties available may become overwhelming and confusing, not to mention time consuming. We will use our time, knowledge, and expertise to find you the best building offering the most attractive lease terms, while saving you money.

Even on a simple, straightforward renewal there is a lot to be considered. Things may have changed in the market place that could affect your lease. We use up to date knowledge of the market conditions, and our extensive understanding of leases to negotiate the best terms available resulting in savings of up to 30%.

Over a period of time things can change involving your office space needs, and if time is remaining on the lease, what do you do? We will use our years of experience to develop and implement the optimal approach in either subleasing or terminating the lease.

There are a lot of pieces to handle when planning to relocate your business to minimize business disruption and lost revenue. We  will handle all the details from transition strategy to on-site move coordination, including 24/7 support.

If you are considering buying a property you should get the best possible deal available. Our professionals have the needed real estate expertise, in-depth market experience, and knowledge of market cycles, to give you a leading edge in maximizing your real estate dollars.

Speed - We know part of the advantage to using a BPO is the turnaround time.  Processing time has been a key factor in designing every step of our BPO process.  From the ordering the the delivery..we have maximized efficiency and reduced processing time. 

Results - No matter how much work is put into a complete BPO it is worthless without an accurate opinion.  Our quality control process assures Asset Managers, Sellers and Investors a quality product every time. Each BPO isperformed by a licensed Real Estate Professional.

Quality - A major step of the BPO process is quality control.  While designing our BPO system, we ensured that our QC process not only had pinpoint accuracy, but was also flexible enough to adapt to individual client needs. Click here to receive a BPO quote.

Business Broker Services

Whether you are buying, selling or looking for funding assistance, you need experience. Our senior broker associates have personally owned their own successful businesses and as entrepreneurs understand the varied needs of our clients.


Selling Your Business

People sell their business for any number of reasons, but once you have made the decision, you want the transaction to go as smoothly as possible.  Your goal is to realize the most money possible in the shortest period of time with the fewest problems and at the same time receiving the most favorable tax treatment.  Who do you select to guide you through this process?  An experienced business broker is trained to assist you in reaching these goals and your professional team at RealNova can help you achieve this result.


Buying a Business

Tired of the volatility in the stock market?  Diversify your assets through business ownership.  Acquisitions of existing businesses are at an all time high due to the immediate high returns and established business operations.  Individuals, corporations and financial buyer groups are all actively scouring the countryside for existing businesses.  It is usually much safer and more profitable to buy an existing business than starting a new venture.  According to the Small Business Administration, over fifty percent of startup businesses fail due to unproven concepts, lack of working capital, and poor

We are a full service business intermediary and business advisory firm.  We focus on small and middle market information technology and real estate related business ranging from forty-thousand to fifty million in value.  We assist with the entire process of buying or selling a business. Although brokering technology and real estate companies are our specialty, we can still assist you with the purchase or sell of any type of business. 

Our vision is to be the company of choice in business opportunities, technology, commercial real estate, and related financial services and to be known for our high integrity and innovative transactional approach in all aspects.  We would like to serve you 24/7.

RealNova is and always will be a client based firm.  As such, we endeavor to establish life time relationships with our clients.  No transaction or fee is more important to us than our client's well being.

Our goal is to assist our clients in the creation of wealth through ownership of real estate and/or business assets.  We aim to advise, appraise, evaluate and advance our client's needs and objectives with regard to selling, enhancing, acquiring or transferring business enterprises in a professional, confidential, expeditious and thorough manner.  We want to assist you with the entire process of buying, selling or enhancing your business.

Our staff, associates and team members reflect an attitude of services.  We are satisfied with only the highest quality of services delivered in a knowledgeable, courteous and professional manner.

We believe in the golden rule, treating others as we would like to be treated.  We are committed to helping you achieve your business objectives through trusted, knowledgeable advice and the appropriate business products for your unique needs and goals.

We affirm our beliefs and our mission with our daily conduct to the financial benefit of our clients, staff, associates, team members and stockholders. 


Contact your Louisiana Business Broker Rep today @ 318-232-8437 

For Business Brokering Service in Georgia


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