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                                                                                               SIGN UP FOR GEORGIA FLAT FEE MLS LISTING SERVICES

FLAT FEE LISTING is a service provided by a real estate brokerage, whereby the seller of a property list their property at a predetermined flat fee rate in return for broad exposure on a MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE ( MLS ).  The flat fee listing fee is usually paid upfront prior to the listing of the property.  More and more of our commercial and residential national clients are requesting this type of service to sell or lease their commercial and residential properties.  The main benefit of FLAT FEE LISTING, in addition to having the maximum exposure on MLS, property sellers are able to decrease the amount of commissions tied to the sell of the property. FLAT FEE MLS LISTING services can range anywhere between $199 - $1295 depending on your location and the level of service you request. We can provide you with up to 30 minutes of free consultation before you decide to connect with one of our national partners. 

For Sale By Owner Flat Fee MLS Listing RealNova has partnered with some of the top real estate professionals in the real estate industry. Unlike most 3rd party National FLAT FEE LISTING portals, we do not markup the price of FLAT FEE LISTING services based on what the licensed real estate professionals charge.  We uniquely encourage you to take full advantage of using our national real estate partners for all of your FLAT FEE LISTING tasks.  This will allow you to establish a direct, on-going relationship with one of our national real estate partners.  We can connect you with a qualified real estate professional right here from this web portal.  Just click here and select the state where your FLAT FEE LISTING services are needed. If you can not locate an agent in your required state or city,  please contact us, and we will assist you in locating a qualified real estate professional immediately. SEE PROS & CONS of FLAT FEE MLS LISING.

Our mission is to provide global business brokerage and real estate solutions to investors, entrepreneurs, corporations, builders, commercial & residential real estate buyers and sellers.  This is accomplished by technologically connecting the worldwide business brokerage and real estate community with ethical, professional, internet savvy, and knowledgeable service providers and organizations.



Pros and Cons of Flat Fee MLS Real Estate

Article by Donna Lipply

In the real estate world innovative real estate agents and penny pinching sellers are always looking for ways to make a buck or save a buck. One of those ways is the fairly new buzz word “Flat Fee MLS”. MLS Flat Fee simply means paying a small lump sum of money to a licensed real estate agent whom you enlist to sell your home. The real estate agent takes the money and lists the home in the MLS. The agent’s services routinely end right there although some will include a few small or non-essential add-ons to help sweeten the deal.

Selling your home is a big deal. Any homeowner owes it to themselves to seriously consider the pros and cons of Flat Fee MLS and decide whether or not it is right for them. Below we list both sides of the coin from a buyer’s perspective and then from a real estate agent’s perspective with regard to a MLS Flat Fee program.

MLS Flat Fee “Pros and Cons” for a Buyer

1. Can save thousands of dollars
2. Statistics show that MLS exposure alone is what sells a home
3. Can be in charge of everything
4. Can sell my home myself, I don’t need much help
5. Can price my house high and see if it goes


1. This will consume my time
2. This may cost me a lot of money in advertising
3. Prospective buyers may not want to meet me initially
4. Don’t have good people or negotiation skills
5. Still need to offer 3% to the buying agent
6. If my house stays on the market too long, buyers will think something is wrong with it
7. If I get in over my head I will probably need to hire a real estate attorney

 ... Speak with one of our in-house brokers about the pros and cons of flat fee MLS listing at 888-241-8890

                                                                                 SIGN UP FOR LOUISIANA FLAT FEE MLS LISTING SERVICES                                                                                               SIGN UP FOR GEORGIA FLAT FEE MLS LISTING SERVICES

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